Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Week 4 can you believe we are approaching this critical marker for this season?? And guess what? word on the street is that Sasha refuses the rose offered by Jillian!!!! What is going on here! Are all these men gay..or is Jillian that unattractive?!

xoxo Anna

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What should Tanner wear to meet Jillian?

Answer: The "bad ass" sports coat!!

Ready or not a new clip has been "leaked" onto youtube for my friends and fellow superfans! Here Anna and her new kitty Sucretes, talk with Tanner behind the scenes about what he should wear the night before meeting Jillian. Anna is a little nervous about getting found out as an imposter ABC producer, but so far the astute herd of romeos are none the wiser.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I Got a new Kitty-Kat! Her name is Sucretes!! After Stoma was taken from me, I went to my local shelter and this beautiful Greek Goddess was bestowed upon me. At first the people at the shelter were a little skeptical that someone with my disability could care for a kitty like sucretes, but I convinced them that I had a passion for felines, and they could not say NO! So now, I return to Bachelorette webcast secrets!!

Next up are some fun fun contests... Wes Hayden will continue to croon for Jillian to woo her and her low self-esteem. Even though the soft lightening hides the bad skin and acne from us, Wes knows its only a few songs and a win on the scavenger hunt to win this damaged girls heart...tune into my youtube webcast for more Tanner Pope goodness!!

xoxo Anna!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh no Stoma's gone missing!

My sweet sweet stoma has gone missing. One day when I was recording a webcam for my new bachelor series, I heard a loud suction and then stoma was gone!...My fear is that she was swept into the mothership. Last night I heard her voice and footsteps in my dreams and I realized that Stoma was gone. RIP STOMA

PS: I hear Juan Barbieri is a bigger asshole than me!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tanner Pope

Anna talks to Tanner P. and adores him! They gab about a whole lot of things, and Anna helps him decide on which wardrobe to wear, how long to wait before he really gets into the foot fetish thing with Jillian, and made up rules about interacting with the host: Chris Harrison. Anna has such a great time chatting with all the boys and learns something fun about so many of them ;)


Check out this site if you haven't already!

Hello Everyone! My Name is Anna Anus

Welcome to secrets of Season Five!!

My name is Anna, as some of you know. I am middle-age and homebound; I have been for sometime. I am a long time fan of the ABC series Bachelor/Bachelorette. I have watched the show for nine years now, but was re-awakened by the perfection of Brad Womack; ever since then my obsession has grown to slightly pathological preportions. Because of a birth defect, my resulting physical deformity has made interacting with others and thus interpersonal relationships extremely difficult; on top of this my bad attitude and nasty personality make socializing in general overwhelming. My best friends lately have been Jason and Melissa, little ty, Chris, Deanna, And I daydream about what the real brad womack is really like? One day I prayed and prayed to THE REDEEMER and a secret envelope of papers was delivered underneath my door by a mysterious being; inside was the opportunity to talk first hand with the beautiful bachelors the night before they were going to meet Jillian "hot tub" Harris for the first time.

I thought I would leak a few of my conversations with these sequestered men to my fellow crazy fans and share my thoughts here and on my youtube page over the upcoming season. Check back for leaks and spoilersxoxo Anna