Friday, May 22, 2009


I Got a new Kitty-Kat! Her name is Sucretes!! After Stoma was taken from me, I went to my local shelter and this beautiful Greek Goddess was bestowed upon me. At first the people at the shelter were a little skeptical that someone with my disability could care for a kitty like sucretes, but I convinced them that I had a passion for felines, and they could not say NO! So now, I return to Bachelorette webcast secrets!!

Next up are some fun fun contests... Wes Hayden will continue to croon for Jillian to woo her and her low self-esteem. Even though the soft lightening hides the bad skin and acne from us, Wes knows its only a few songs and a win on the scavenger hunt to win this damaged girls heart...tune into my youtube webcast for more Tanner Pope goodness!!

xoxo Anna!


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